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Your Guide to Choosing a Mattress Size UltiMattress

Your Guide to Choosing a Mattress Size

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, choosing the right mattress for your specific needs is essential. To pick your perfect mattress, you’ll want to consider things like feel, fabric and firmness. And perhaps most important of all: mattress size.

With mattress size, you have a wide variety of options. Standard mattresses range all the way from a 38 inch by 75 inch twin sized mattress to the much larger king or California king size. Do you know which one would work best for you and your sleep situation?

There are three main major questions to ask yourself when deciding on a mattress size: 

  1. How many bodies (pets included) will be sleeping on the mattress?
  2. How big are those bodies?
  3. How much space is there in the bedroom?

Below are in-depth descriptions of all the different mattress sizes to help you make the most informed decision: 

Twin Size Mattresses

We’ll start with the best choice for the smallest of bodies and spaces: the twin mattress. Twin size mattresses are the smallest standard size mattress you can get. They measure out to 75 inches long and 38 inches wide. If you want a little extra length, there are also twin extra long mattresses. Most often found in college dorms, they measure out to 80 inches long and 38 inches wide.

Twin mattresses are a common choice for children moving from a crib to a regular bed. These mattresses are roomy enough for small bodies to toss and turn, but not big enough to feel overwhelming. And since they aren’t all that much bigger than a crib, you can swap one for the other without completely changing the room.

Twin size mattresses also work well for young adults who don’t have much square footage to work with: teenagers with smaller rooms, college students living in dorms, and people living in a studio apartment. When you’re short on area and want to maximize your space, twin mattresses are ideal.

Full Size Mattresses

Next up is the full sized mattress. It’s 15 inches wider than a twin, measuring out to 75 inches long and 52 inches wide. Though many people view full size mattresses as a good choice for a couple, they’re still on the smaller side and are generally better for single sleepers. Each person would end up with only 27 inches-- that’s less than a crib!

That being said, full size mattresses are an excellent choice for single adults. They’re big enough for an individual to spread out and get comfortable, while still being snug and cozy. If you’re a single sleeper who tends to roll around or sleep with a pet (or two!), you might want to size up to a queen.

They also work well in children’s bedrooms. Though twin mattresses are most often the choice for children, a full size might actually be a better investment. They’re a smart choice if you want it to grow with your child and last through their teen years. They’re also a good choice for siblings who share a room. And of course, they’re able to accommodate plenty of stuffed animals.

Another place full or double mattresses work well are in guest bedrooms. The majority of guest bedrooms are fairly small, and might not be able to fit a queen or king. On the other hand, a twin mattress might be much too small for your guests, and you want them to be comfortable. A full mattress is the ideal solution: not too big or too small.

Queen Size Mattresses

Now we move on to the most popular and commonly advertised size: the queen mattress. Queen size mattresses measure out to 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, and fit perfectly in most bedrooms. This makes them the ideal choice for younger couples and for individuals who would like more space than a full.

This mattress size is a great one for a  young couple to start with. It can accommodate two bodies while fitting in most standard sized rooms. Since they’re more affordable than king sized mattresses, they work with tighter budgets. However, if you don’t like cuddling you might want to opt for a king-- each person only gets 30 inches (less than a twin)!

Finally, a queen is a good choice for you if you’re an individual who wants a bit more room. If you’re an individual who likes having ample room to read, work or watch Netflix, if you like to stretch out, or if you share your space with a furry friend, a queen is likely your perfect size.

King Size Mattresses

Now for the most popular of all: the king size mattress. Offering the most space of any standard size, these measure in at 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. That’s 16 inches wider than a queen! If length is what you’re after, you can also go for a California king, which measures 84 inches long and 72 inches long. Both are excellent choices perfect for couples, children, and even the family dog! They work well in master bedrooms, for families and for couples who need more personal space. 

King mattresses are big enough to fit the whole family-- pets included! They’re able to accommodate everyone for Friday night movies, Saturday morning cuddles, and the nights when someone is too scared to sleep in their own bed and needs the comfort of mom and dad.

King mattresses also work for couples who like their own space. With a king, each person has 30% more sleeping space than they would on a queen, so each partner can stretch out. They also provide ample space for couples who like to read, watch movies, work or have breakfast in bed!

When you’re considering which mattress size is right for you, you’ll want to take into account your own individual comfort preferences, circumstances, and sleeping style. If you’re not sure, come into a store and test them out for yourself! The friendly, no-pressure sales team at UltiMattress can’t wait to help you find your ideal fit!


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